No! Skales didn’t copy Olamide. ‘Waist purses’ are one of 2017’s biggest style trends

Yesterday, TwitterNG buzzed uncontrollably after music critic, Osagie Alonge threw a shot at singer, Skales for pinching Olamide’s music video concept in his own latest release.

Unlike what Osagie must have envisaged as a possible outcome from his shade, Twitter users turned out in droves for Skales’ with each person defending his hardwork and tenacity in the industry despite being a constant target of ridicule.

Nigerians stood up for Skales and it was good to see; but that’s not particularly our concern here. What is incredibly amazing is how culture critic, Osagie attempted to pin the glory of the ‘waist purse’ trend on Olamide. Like how?

Let it be known that Olamide is not the first celebrity to use a ‘waist purse’ in recent times. And before we die of calling it ‘waist purse’, let it also be known that the appropriate name to call it in 2017 is ‘fanny pack’. You heard? Fanny pack.

If we had to take this fanny pack argument to the streets, we’d begin by reminding anyone who thinks Olamide owns it about youth corps members in orientation camps first, then female traders who hawk their wares on Lagos streets. All we’re saying is everyone owns or has owned a fanny pack, at some point in their lives.

In 2017, just as every other style trend, we’ve seen the reinvention of the fanny pack. Models have sported these comfy bags on and off the runway and it’s safe to say it has made a solid comeback.

Fanny packs have gone from being mere utility items and the sole reason you may get jailed by the fashion police as they were in the past, they have now become style accessories that celebrities have come to embrace.

So no, Skales didn’t ‘copy’ Olamide, he’s only just as in tune with trend as Olamide…and these celebs below:



Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner again
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