The 5 kinds of people you will meet at an Owambe party

I was listening to Lagbaja’s Skentele Skontolo, which talks about Nigerian women and the different styles and shapes of their geles. And I found myself thinking about how the song relates to the different style types you see at an Owambe. I started counting and was able to come up with five.

The ‘real’ celebrants

These ones are the ones who you would probably mistake for the celebrant. Their only purpose for coming to the party, is to show that no matter what they would always be the best dressed. It’s these kind of guests who would wear all white to a wedding.

The cheapskates

They either did not buy the aso-ebi, or bought just enough (usually about half a yard) to wrap around their heads. They are the life of the party. Your joy is their joy and by the time they hit the dance floor it would look like it’s more of their joy than yours.

The odd ones

These people never get the memo on what they are to wear for the occasion. If it’s a black tie event, they would come in Ankara. If you ask people to come in gold they will come in red. This group is split into another two types of people. There are those who really do not get the memo, and the attention seekers who are just determined to deliberately stick out.

The Gate Crashers

These ones will come in anything at all. They can come in an Ankara shirt that is branded Rest in peace Pa Audu to a wedding. They never come in early and tend to stick to the back of the party or wherever the food can be found

The Church Mummies

They are present at any Owambe decked in their own special “and co” regardless of whatever aso-ebi was sold or whatever colour was called for the party. They come in a group (most times even hire a bus), and leave in a group and must be recognised by the MC of the event and given a special table.

At the end of the day, everyone loves a good party and the theme of all Lagos Owambes is come one come all, regardless of what you might or might not be wearing.

P.S: I’ve included the video of Skentele Skontolo for Lagbaja stans like me and people (who are you?) who don’t know the song.

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