These 5 chokers will spruce up any outfit

If you are bored with the clothes in your closet and your bank account isn’t looking like it’s ready to let you go on a shopping spree anytime soon, you can get these 5 chokers s to help you breathe some new life into your old outfits.

These net chokers are about to replace your favourite black band chokers. They are really not as uncomfortable to wear as they might look, cheap and will not only go with all of your party outfits, but also give them a new look.

Metallic Band 

Either gold or silver, or chunky or thin, a metallic band is perfect for both a night out drinking with friends, or a more formal event like tour office party.


Get a simple one strand beaded choker for casual outings, or something more elaborate like the one below for dinners and evenings out.

Leather Wrap Strap

This is perfect for making any outfit you put it on instantly edgier. I you don’t believe us, try pairing it with a cutesy floral skater dress and see how it transforms.


This is more fun than any of your regular chokers, and will probably go with any outfit in your closet.

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