TOS fashion must-haves inspired by Flavour

Say what you want about singer and songwriter, Flavour Nabania’s personal style he manages to pull off whatever he dons and we are here for it, mesh shirts, too tight jeans and all. If you are as taken with his style as we are, we’ve come up with a list of fashion must haves for you to channel Mr. Flavour’s style.

  1. Couple of well tailored (slightly under sized) suits, to be worn mostly without shirts of course.
  2. Loads of baby oil we imagine. It’s only right for someone who’s shirtless so often to get oiled up.
  3. A whole lot of under sized t-shirts, sleeveless shirts and drop armhole tanks to show off your well toned arms at all times.
  4. Way more bottoms than tops, since you’ll be wearing them without tops quite often.
  5. A pair of dark sunglasses that’ll be worn everywhere day and night.
  6. Even more baby oil.
  7. Did we mention way too tight bottoms,to go with your already too tight shirts? But what’s the point of all those gym hours if you don’t get to show your progress off?
  8. You wardrobe isn’t complete without at least one all white outfit.
  9. A couple of well tailored traditional outfits.
  10. Well groomed dreadlocks.
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