12 things to add to your style bucket list

This post is for every girl who has been obsessed with everything style and fashion since they were 5.

We all have our style bucket lists full of endless, ridiculous things we promise ourselves we are going to do before we kick the bucket. Well I thought I’ll share some of mine, and I’m pretty sure most of them are some of yours too.

  1. Going for LFDW looking like this (just because I can) and getting a front row seat.
  2. Going for fashion week in the major cities (cliche I know) – Paris, Milan, New York, London.
  3. Finally finding a bra size that fits perfectly.
  4. Having a pair of Loubs to go along with every single outfit I own, so I will need a couple with dog paw prints and a lot with the batman logo.
  5. Buying a shit load of stock with Celine because I am honestly more interested in the amount of cash they are raking in.
  6. Buying thigh high boots, (Lagos heat be damned) that will be worn with leather skirts everywhere for a month…in Lagos.
  7. Walk the Victoria Secret runway (be the one to close the show sef), even though I’m about 5ft and have love handles.
    Yass bitch
  8. A closet that looks like Alicia Silvertone’s from the film Clueless (I’m allowed to dream right?)
  9. Having a designer bag everybody loves being named after me. Just so I can see people hashtag my name on Instagram.
  10. Having a ton of heels that never ever hurt my feet, even if i wear them for 32 hours straight.
  11. Free lifetime supply of makeup from MAC.
  12. Finally finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly.

So what’s on yours?

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