This is why you shouldn’t wash your jeans

I have some good news for all the lazy slops out there. According to Levi’s CEO, Chip Bergh,-obviously a jeans expert-  we are advised to stop washing our jeans in order to get more wears out of them.

Now if you are a clean freak or just a regular person to be honest, we are pretty sure you can’t wrap your head around this tip, and there is no way on earth you won’t ever wash your jeans, so we’ve come up with some alternatives for you.

  1. Stop using regular laundry soap like detergent. Instead, opt for a milder alternative, this might sound crazy but your shampoo is actually a great example.
  2. Don’t throw your jeans in the washing machine every time it gets stained with something, instead immediately clean the spot of the stain with a toothbrush or sponge and air dry them.
  3. Instead if using a brush to attack your jeans, when hand washing just soak and rinse, except your jeans have difficult stains like a wine or grease stain, soaking is all you need to get rid of most of the dirt.
  4. Avoid throwing them in your washing machine, if you absolutely have to, make sure you use cold water and wash them an average of once in two weeks.
  5. Air dry your jeans instead of doing it in the drier.
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