How to wear white to a wedding that isn’t yours

Wearing white to a wedding that isn’t yours is usually seen as taboo, for all sorts of reasons but mostly because it is believed doing so allows you steal the bride’s spotlight. The problem is the colour white is a fashion favourite, it’s easy to style and takes a lot of effort for you to make it not look classy. If white is one of your fashion favourites, here are a couple of ways to rock it to a wedding, without incurring the bride’s wrath.

  1. Wear a knee length dress. If you are going to wear a white dress to someone else’s wedding then it shouldn’t be floor length and it should most definitely not have a train. A knee length dress is the least likely thing a bride will wear to her wedding.
  2. Instead of a dress, opt for a jumpsuit or pants and a shirt. They are classy and chic and allow you rock your favourite colour without looking like a bad belle.
  3. Keep it casual. Not barbeque casual but casual enough for everyone to recognize that you have no intention of becoming the assistant bride.
  4. Add a bold splash of another colour. If you are wearing a jumpsuit, throw on a brightly coloured blazer, or if it is a dress, pair it with a neon coloured belt or other coloured accessories.
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