Non-denim overalls that are just as cute as denim pairs

When buying overalls, denim pairs are most people’s go to choice which isn’t  surprising since they mostly come in denim and everyone loves denim plus it just seems like you aren’t doing it right when you don’t get a denim pair. But these overalls are just as cute as the regular blue denim pairs, if not even cuter.

  1. Leather
    These give the otherwise casual effect of wearing overalls a more edgy tone, not to mention they look pretty hot and if you wear them in Lagos you’ll literally be steaming hot.
  2. Floral print
    There’s nothing more adorable than a pair of overalls in floral print, they are perfect for both the season and weather.
  3. White
    There’s something about white overalls that make them look simple enough to be worn casually, or dressed up with the right accessories for a semi-formal event.
  4. Khaki
    You guessed it, khaki isn’t dead yet but we’ll have to go into that in a whole other article.
  5. Suede
    Here’s one more  rather non- basic way to rock the akwa-oche trend, if you are still having a hard time being sold on it’s comeback.
  6. Graphic print
  7. Solid colours
    Play around with colours instead of getting half a dozen pairs all in denim.
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