RIP to the skinny jeans trend

No one has quite called it yet, so we decided to be the bad guys.

Yes skinny jeans are finally going out of style, and yes we can’t believe it too.

Not owning a pair of skinny jeans, used to be fashion suicide, and flared jeans could only be found in the photos of your mum when she was in uni. But flared jeans are back with a vengeance and we have never loved them more -even boot cut jeans.

We figured most people are caught in the skinny jeans style rut, and so we came up with a list of every single way you could rock flared jeans stylishly.

  1. Go for high-waisted flared jeans. They are a lot more flattering for almost every body type, and you won’t look like you borrowed your jeans from your mum.
  2. Pair dark wash flared jeans with a plain white shirt, and you could actually get away with wearing the outfit to work.
  3. Play around with colours, just as you did with your skinny jeans. When it comes to flared jeans, it’s even more fun.
  4. Make sure they are the perfect fit and length for you. Too long makes your jeans look baggy at the bottom, and too short might make it look awkward.
  5. When shopping for flared jeans, the major thing to look out for is whether or not they fit you perfectly to the knee, then flare out from there.

Even though we are a little sorry to see skinny jeans go, you can’t deny how good you’ll look in a well fitted pair of flared jeans.

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